We are the major Ammonia source for the last 50 years. We established Ammonia filling’ storage and transportation facility all over the world based in Pakistan. We develop Aqueous Ammonia facility and manufacture various percentages of Aqueous Ammonia as per customer requirement. To avoid extra cost we develop Aqueous Ammonia manufacturing facility at customer country and city if the requirement is in bulk quantity Anhydrous Ammonia can be supplied in specialized bowsers made for Ammonia transportation for use of Ammonia in different industries such as steel industries, Glass industries, and many more Etc.Aqueous Ammonia 25% is of common use for industries like textile . tanning , electrical power generation plants , cement industries , and many others we developed Aqueous Ammonia facilities for different clients near to city for regular and continues supply of standard product in many countries. We are the manufactures of Sulfur dioxide (SO2) supplying to many industries.